Kennneth C. Davis the amazing writer!

Have you ever wanted to know more about the country you live in?  After reading some of Kenneth C. Davis’ books, you will know a lot more instantly after you read them. We also had the chance to skype with him yesterday during our history class.

All of his book follow the format of asking a question, and then answering them.  It was interesting because he found a book he wrote in 3rd grade that followed the same format.  Some of his book include: Don’t Know Much About Presidents, Don’t Know Much About American History, and Don’t Know Much About History. 

One other question that I did not have time to ask Kenneth was: Where did you get your story about Zachary Taylor dying from cherries and milk?  In a different source I read he died from cholera at a 4th of July bash.  Below is a picture of Mr.Davis on the projector, and us listening to him.  Thanks again for talking to us!

2 thoughts on “Kennneth C. Davis the amazing writer!

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  2. Hello Krayton,

    Kenneth C. Davis’s revelation he used the same format in his books as he had in 3rd grade shows us all we can set ourselves on paths to the future even when young. I wonder if any of your class have already started on a path towards their future careers?

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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