Flavors from Around the World!

It has been awhile since my classmates and I have sent out our chocolate all over the world.  We have received packages back from Miss Kim and her fifth grade class from South Korea,  a classmate’s relative from Dubai,   Mrs. Howlin from Australia, a classmate’s family friend from Australia, our teachers daughter Katie brought back chocolate from France and a classmate’s sister who is living in Argentina. Along with chocolate some of them also sent other treats they enjoy in their country.  There were some treats that we enjoyed very much but did not care for the other ones as much.

Miss Kim and her class sent eight different kinds of chocolate from South Korea.  My favorite chocolate was called Crunky.  It was a bar that tasted very much like a crunch bar. That is probably why I like it because I love Crunch bars.  The most interesting was Boong-Uh Bbang. This is a fish shaped bar, that did not taste very good, to me.

Our next package we received was from Argentine. My favorite chocolate from Argentina was Milka.  It was very much like caramel, and I was very very delicious.  I disliked the Tita.  It was like a vanilla wafers that tasted like lemon, or it might also be compared to animal crackers.

Our teachers daughter also brought back some chocolate back from France.  The chocolate was called Nibbles.  It was very sweet, melted in your mouth and had caramel on the inside.  It may have been my favorite chocolate we got to taste.

The package we received from Dubai had some very interesting and tasteful chocolate in it.  Cote D’ro was so good.  It was very smooth, creamy, and it melted in your mouth.  It also had a very good flavor. I also enjoyed the chocolate called Galaxy. It is milk chocolate that was as creamy as butter. I disliked the Hobby.  I did not like it because of the cream inside of it.

The Fochfcens sent us some very good chocolate from Australia.  The Freddo with Honey comb was very interesting because it had honey in it. Caramello Kaola was my favorite chocolate from Australia.  It was very creamy had had delicious caramel in the middle.   I did not like the Fantails.  The carmel was very chewy and you did not really taste the chocolate.

Mrs. Howlin Also sent some very delicious chocolate from Austarlia.  I did not like the Turkish Delight.  It was a squishy cherry filling with chocolate around it.  It tasted like medicine.  The Cadbury chocolate was very creamy and milky! We also recived another Caremllo Koala.

Overall it was very fun to taste all different kinds of chocolate from all over the world.  It was hard to keep track off all the wrappers because they were all written in different languages.  If we would do this again I would have a scale so that it would be easier to keep track of it.  For example the texture on a scale of one to five the creamiest being a one a chunky being a five.  I loved doing this project!

Barn Quilt Making

Have you ever seen the big quilts hanging barns all over?  That is what my eighth grade class is making right now.  We are making the barn quilts for a school fundraiser that we have every year called the gala.  For this everyone in the school makes a piece of artwork to sell on the auction, that will raise money for our school.  Here are the steps we are taking to make our barn quilts.

1. The first step is the most important step to me.  We have to choose the design we want to use for our barn quilt.  He used books, drew some of your own, and looked online.

2.  After we had our design picked out, we had to paint our board white (primer).

3. We then had to tap all of the lines so that the different colors would not touch each other.

4. We then painted each section the color we wanted very carefully.  It took a couple of coats, it get the colors nice a dark.

5. We finally took the tap off, and had to go over the edges  to make them look all pretty!  We also had to name our quilt.  We ended up naming our quilt 2016 four by four.  We named it this because we are the class of 2016 and we have lots of different paths to take, and we will have lots of different memories.

Here is our finished project!

A Week of Blogging Index!

Picture from Mrs.Kreb’s Blog.

For the past week my class and I have been writing a new blog every single day. This is a really good way to add lots of new and exciting things to your blog that you would never have thought of sharing! Thanks Mrs.Krebs! Here are the links to my week of blogging.

Monday Mash-up: Delicious Dessert

Tuesday Listicle: Top 10 apps for an iPod or iPad

Wordless Wednesday: A Rainbow of Technology

Off-the-Cuff Thursday:Basketball

Freelance Friday: Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

A wrote this poem last year during English class.  I thought I would share it with you.  I had to pick a picture out of a magazine and write a poem about it, and this is what I came up with.

A man in the moon

running through time.

Crickets chirp, as the hook foot passes.

All you could taste is

peacefulness in the air.

One man, one moon, and one shoe.

Off the Cuff Thursday!

The sound of a cheering crowd and the dribble of the basketball. I have not heard this sound for almost a year, but today will be the day!  Today is my first basketball game of the season.  It is going to be a long day at school waiting for the end of the day.

I hope we all play our hardest and of course I hope we win!

My 1st Novel

As some of you may know November is national novel month.  In class we are writing our own novels.
I am very nervious and excited about this at the same time.  My goal is 10,000 words but I really just want a fun and exciting story.

My book is called “The Four of Us” I don’t have all the datails yet, but here is a summery I started off with!

One October 2, 1995 four girls were born at the exact same moment someone was murdered.  They all ended up in the same town and were best friends.  But on their 15 birthday something strange happens.  They must now go on an adventure to solve the mystery and keep each other safe.

To join in National Novel Month go to http://ywp.nanowrimo.org Thanks Krayton!

Knock Knock…Suprise!

Mostly you see your teachers at school each day, at sporting events, and occasionally on the weekends.  Two other friends and I decided to go and visit our teacher Mrs.Krebs when walking through her town.

We were first scared and didn’t even know if it was her house, we kept walking past and yelling her name thinking see would come out.  We then finally got the guts and rang the door bell.  He heard somebody running towards the door, she opened it and screamed.

Mrs.Krebs told us about her garden and made us eat leaves.  It was a really fun time seeing where our teacher lived!

Famous for a Minute

Our 8th grade chapter team went to KG95 radio station yesterday and recorded for the Siouxland Spotlight about our “Relay Recess” and other American Cancer Society fundraisers.  It was really cool to  make our own commercial on air.  We talked about what would go on during our relay recess.

Each class will have a color and be a “team”.  They will then walk in our gym and go to education stations to find out how to prevent cancer.

Along the way we met the radio host Sean D. and saw a castle that was an old school building.  Sean showed us what we had to do for his job and how they line up all the songs.  I am so excited to hear myself on the radio!

Here is a picture in the recording studio.  Sean is trying to fix the microphone that Meghan broke!

Step by Step We are Making a Difference

Our TSA chapter team is teaming up with the American Cancer Society.  My class is planning events to raise money for this organization.   We have planned three events The Tree of Hope, Friday Fun for Cancer, and Pie in the Face.  Right now we are planning these events for the fall.  Once the events are completed we will have a mini relay for life, and celebrated what we have done.  I am really looking forward to helping those who have had cancer an become leaders in our community.

Image by  SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget