Top 10 apps for an iPad or iPod!

In July of 2011 there was over 425,000 apps for iPads and iPods. Of all these choices, I will share  my top ten that I use every single day.

Number One: Fruit Ninja is a fun game to play.  As the fruit comes up on your screen use your ninja skills to slice it in half.  Don’t slice the bombs, or miss the fruit, or the game will be over.

Number Two: Angry Birds is another fun game to play on your iPad/iPod.  Shoot the birds at piles of things and pigs to win.

Number Three: Like to play Scrabble?  Then get Words with Friends.  You can play this game with any of your friends on Facebook or Twitter that have an iPod or iPad.  It is a fun way to play with your friends without even being by them.

Number Four:  Bump is an app that is just like texting, but on your device. You can send pictures on videos that are on your iPad or iPod.

Number Five: Did you know you can get Netflex on your Apple device? Well you can. This way you can watch movie on the go wherever you are.

Number Six:  Sometimes it is hard to watch the news at night.  Get the app Hit Pad and everything will be right there for you.  It is also a great thing to use for school.

Number Seven:  Like to take pictures?  Make your pictures have lots of different effects using the app Cam Wow!  Take lots of silly pictures with your friends or dog! Either one will work.

Number Eight: When I need to look up a Bible verse or have religion homework, I use the app The Bible.  You simply type in the Bible verse and it will find it for you.  It is simple and easy.

Number Nine:  Have a big test coming up?  Use the app Flash Cards Plus to help you study.  It is just like flash cards but they are right in your hand, and don’t make a mess all over the place.

Number Ten: Pandora is an app to listen to music.  If you like country music and that is all you listen to, it will find songs like it for you.  You can get all the songs you love without looking for them.

All these apps are free and I love to use the all.  Leave some comments! Thanks.