Barn Quilt Making

Have you ever seen the big quilts hanging barns all over?  That is what my eighth grade class is making right now.  We are making the barn quilts for a school fundraiser that we have every year called the gala.  For this everyone in the school makes a piece of artwork to sell on the auction, that will raise money for our school.  Here are the steps we are taking to make our barn quilts.

1. The first step is the most important step to me.  We have to choose the design we want to use for our barn quilt.  He used books, drew some of your own, and looked online.

2.  After we had our design picked out, we had to paint our board white (primer).

3. We then had to tap all of the lines so that the different colors would not touch each other.

4. We then painted each section the color we wanted very carefully.  It took a couple of coats, it get the colors nice a dark.

5. We finally took the tap off, and had to go over the edges  to make them look all pretty!  We also had to name our quilt.  We ended up naming our quilt 2016 four by four.  We named it this because we are the class of 2016 and we have lots of different paths to take, and we will have lots of different memories.

Here is our finished project!